All Saints Parish - Boiler Replacement Energy Assessment and Design

The Bishop Harrison Center Boiler Replacement project, located on the All Saints Parish campus, includes an energy assessment and design for replacement of the facility’s steam boiler with a hydronic boiler, removal of the steam piping and steam to water heat exchanger, and installation of a hydronic boiler loop to feed to zone pumps. Popli Design Group (PDG) performed the energy assessment, detailed design, and construction administration. 

The energy assessment includes a Basis of Design report describing the design approach and evaluation of the different boiler replacement options with pros/cons, energy and cost estimates, and simple payback analysis.  PDG’s Energy Team conducted a walk-through survey, assessed the four boiler replacement options with implementation considerations, estimated energy savings based on utility bills, selected boilers, provided system schematics for detailed design, and delivered the assessment report with recommendations. Based on the energy assessment, the design team implemented detailed design and associated construction administration.

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