English Road Culvert Rehabilitation 

Location: Greece, NY

Owner: Monroe County

Services Provided: 

Culvert Design


Construction Inspection

Following a collapse of one of the culvert’s twin pipes, Popli Design Group (PDG) was retained by Monroe County under an Engineering Term Agreement to design a permanent repair for the structure. Due to the large amount of fill present over the structure, replacement of the culvert would be costly and require a long term closure of English Road, which is a collector road carrying 9,000 vehicles per day. PDG performed a hydraulic analysis of the culvert to assess the feasibility of lining the structure with HDPE pipe, which would be less costly and allow the road to remain open to traffic throughout construction. The analysis proved that lining with a 66 inch pipe was hydraulically feasible, due to the reduced friction coefficient of the HPE pipe. To confirm the solution could be constructed, PDG performed a laser scan of the pipe barrels to map the deformations and confirm that the liner could be installed without much difficulty. After confirming this, PDG prepared construction plans and specifications for the work. 

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