Bailey Road Bridge Replacement 

Location: Nunda, NY

Owner: Livingston County

Services Provided: 

Bridge Design

Highway Design


The objective of the project was to replace the deteriorated existing single-span steel floor system bridge. The bridge had previously been reduced to a single lane because of significant steel deterioration. A structure that met all current structural standards and was low maintenance for the County was desired. The hydraulics of the project site were also critical because of the volatile nature of Keshequa Creek. A glu-laminated superstructure was chosen which was supported on 110 foot steel H-piles because of the poor soil conditions. The span of the bridge was increased from 65 feet to 85 feet so the embankments could be laid back to increase the hydraulic opening of the structure and better align the channel at the bridge with the upstream and downstream channel. The larger hydraulic opening and embankment alignment decreased the velocity of the creek significantly, thereby decreasing the potential for scour.

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