CR 1 Culvert 9 Replacement 

Location: Gorham, NY

Owner: Ontario County

Services Provided: 

Culvert Design

Highway Design


The pre-existing culvert carrying CR 1 over Tributary to Canandaigua Lake was a structurally deficient 5-foot span by 6-foot rise concrete box culvert. The box culvert was in poor condition and the wingwalls at the outlet end had broken away, causing slope failures. The project replaced the existing culvert with a precast concrete box culvert with an increased hydraulic opening. Fill type retaining wall wingwalls were provided in three corners of the bridge. The southwest corner of the bridge required a soldier pile and lagging wingwall due to limited right-of-way. A temporary sheet pile wall was used during construction to ensure that the work could take place within the existing right-of-way. The existing steep slopes were re-graded to reduce the likelihood of future slope failures. The highway work was limited to re-establishing the existing profile and roadway section. 

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