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Jordan Elbridge Central School District - 2016 CIP


Location: Elbridge and Jordan, NY

Owner: Jordan Elbridge Central School District

Services Provided:


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering

This project involves HVAC, plumbing, and electrical improvements at Jordan-Elbridge High School, Ramsdell Middle School, Elbridge Elementary School, and the bus garage.  

Improvements at Jordan-Elbridge High School include the installation of efficient hot water boilers and heaters, the extension of roof curbs and vents to provide low voltage power for new digital controls, and the kitchen make-up air unit. All fixtures in the classrooms and corridors were replaced with LED fixtures, and LED stadium lighting (72 fixtures) and controls were provided for the athletic field. 

Ramsdell Middle School improvements include the extension of ductwork and roof vents, replacement of five rusty disconnect boxes on the roof, and electrical extensions associated with roof top equipment. The electric kiln exhaust in the art room and the fume hood in the wood shop were replaced, and power was provided to accommodate the new equipment. Code compliant, mechanical ventilation was provided for the storage room, along with the power to accommodate it. Pneumatic controls were replaced with digital controls.

At Elbridge Elementary School, rusted vents were replaced through a ballasted roof.  Five rusty disconnect boxes, along with rusted mechanical caps were also replaced.  In the gymnasium, two louvers at the gymnasium exterior wall were replaced and power was provided for the new gymnasium bleachers. Pneumatic controls were replaced with digital controls. 

At the bus garage, improvements consisted of providing power to accommodate new fuel island pumps and replacement of the concrete fuel island, including the pumps, associated piping, manholes, and required valves.

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