North Division Street Bridge Replacement 

The project involved the replacement of a 165-ft long, three-span prestressed concrete box beam bridge carrying North Division Street over the Owasco River in the City of Auburn, New York.  

Rather than simply replacing the bridge on its current horizontal alignment, a curved alignment was utilized to correct existing geometric and operational deficiencies on the south approach to the bridge. The curved alignment not only provided an attractive new bridge, but also greatly improved travel conditions for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the area.


Immediately south of the bridge, there was an offset and skewed intersection. A nearby railroad crossing adjacent caused vehicles to que back into intersection, compromising traffic flow and safety.  To improve the intersection geometry, a curved alignment was developed resulting in a two-span steel curved multi-girder superstructure.

The project provided a complete solution to a routine problem. The project was well received by the public and hopefully will be an inspiration to designers of future projects.


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