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SUNY Fredonia Retro-Commissioning Multiple Buildings 

AHU Maytum Hall.JPG

Location: Fredonia, NY

Owner: SUNY Fredonia

Services Provided:

Energy Audits


This retro-commissioning project in multiple buildings at SUNY Fredonia provided best practices in building operation, and developed a formal, continuous commissioning program to improve campus energy performance.  Popli Design Group (PDG) provided energy audits for HVAC and building automation systems at Mason, Thompson, and Maytum Halls.   PDG also assisted with the retro-commissioning of existing air-side systems and terminal units to enhance the energy and operation efficiency of the existing MEP systems in these buildings.  

All three buildings underwent previous energy efficiency retrofit programs, so finding additional energy conservation measures required delving deeper into the systems’ sequences of operation and researching additional less common but practical energy strategies.  Some of the recommended energy efficiency measures included:

  • Upgrading existing HVAC controls strategies (e.g implementing demand control ventilation, synchronizing areas served by separate systems, and reducing supply airflow during heating operation)

  • Replacing timing belts in several large air handling units

  • Separating boiler gas controls from associated combustion air controls

  • Converting some hydronic systems from constant volume to variable air volume systems

  • Replacing manual valves for historic steam radiator to automatic valves

  • Replacing window air conditioners with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems

  • Replacing existing fluorescent lighting fixtures with LED fixtures in certain areas

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