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SUNY, Upstate Medical University Community Campus Main Entry Lobby


Location: Syracuse, NY

Owner: SUNY, Upstate Medical University

Services Provided:


Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 

The original `60s construction at Upstate Medical University’s Community Campus was still present throughout the public spaces and main entry lobby. The university wished to renovate these public spaces, adding a more efficient check-in desk, and improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the primary hospital entrance, corridors, and public spaces.  

New LED lighting, including ambient lighting, was designed. One decorative feature of the lighting design was to incorporate a linear cove LED fixture into an architectural ceiling pocket element to create a skylight effect.  A new public toilet room was added and sprinkler protection was provided throughout the spaces. This included a new service line from the main fire service header routed through the lower levels of the hospitals service corridors and up to the new space. Upgraded HVAC and vestibule heating was provided to support the space. 

The most challenging aspect of the project was phasing and coordinating the work in an operational facility. The work was completed in phases and especially in corridors, which involved careful coordination of existing and temporary systems to maintain public use throughout construction.

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