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Camillus Maintenance Facility 


Location: Syracuse, NY

Owner: Onondaga County Department of Transportation

Services Provided: 



MEP Engineering 


Civil/Site Engineering


Structural Engineering  


Popli Design Group (PDG) performed a study to evaluate the operational, technical, and financial feasibility of re-using the existing Camillus Maintenance Facility by considering a combination of demolitions, renovations, and additions so operations can be effectively serviced from both locations. As a result of the study, PDG was awarded the preliminary and final design of the facility. PDG was the lead architect, as well as the lead for the MEP, civil/site, structural engineering, and surveying services. 

The Camillus Maintenance Facility Project elements included:

  • Rehabilitating existing structures for an additional 15-20 year useful life

  • Providing additional usable area to accommodate operations, including maintenance, heated vehicle storage, and unheated storage

  • Replacing existing 2,600 ton salt storage facility with a minimum 3,000 ton, preferably 15,000 ton, fabric salt storage facility

  • Replacing existing underground storage tanks and fueling station with above ground storage tanks and fueling station

  • Providing new HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and lighting systems

  • Improving indoor and outdoor vehicle circulation

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