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Cornell University Food Research Lab 


Location: Geneva, NY

Owner: Cornell University

Services Provided:




Sprinkler System Design 

Cornell University’s Food Research Lab is an 81,600 square foot building originally built in 1960. This project renovated the 5,600 square foot research lab and replaced the equipment in the 3,842 square foot mechanical room. PDG designed the plumbing and sprinkler system. PDG engineers brought in a new 6” water service and equipped it with two 4” reduced pressure zone backflow assemblies. A booster pump package was also installed as part of the new water service. New piping was installed throughout the lab including domestic hot water, domestic cold water, and RO/DI water. Existing cast iron trench drains were replaced with high density fiberglass reinforced plastic trench drains. A new RO/DI system was designed with a continuous polypropylene pipe loop in the building for present and future connections. The system contained a pre-treatment skid with prefilter, water softener, carbon filter, UV light, reverse osmosis filter, deionizer tanks, and a 500 gallon storage tank. A final treatment skid contained a circulation pump, polishing tanks, a UV light, and a .2 micron final filter. PDG designed a new steam-fired instantaneous water heater with an electronic mixing valve. Fire protection work included the installation of an 8” fire protection main into the building, which was equipped with a double check detector assembly. The fire protection team designed new sprinkler piping throughout the renovated areas and installed new stand pipes with floor control valves. The system was hydraulically designed for Ordinary Hazard classification. PDG dedicated space for a future fire pump that will be needed once the rest of the building is sprinklered.

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