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Delhi Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Renovation and Addition


Location: Delhi, NY

Owner: Delhi Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Services Provided:


Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Engineering 

Formerly known as the Countryside Care Center, this skilled nursing facility was re-certified through a combination of renovations and demolition/construction of a new addition on the western half of the structure.  This new, functional layout includes larger nurses stations, new office spaces, areas for therapy and resident services, and created residential “neighborhoods.”  Popli Design Group (PDG) was retained to provide HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering services to support this renovation and addition.  

PDG’s mechanical scope of work included the complete removal of mechanical systems.  2-pipe water source heat pump units now provide individual resident comfort control; high efficiency boilers and a cooling tower were utilized for heat addition and rejection.  Energy recovery units supply ventilation to occupied areas as well as exhaust toilet rooms.  Exhaust and make-up air systems were installed for commercial laundry and kitchen areas.

Plumbing design utilized water conserving fixtures throughout the building. The domestic hot water system utilizes high efficiency condensing water heaters.  All sanitary, storm, and water systems are connected to existing utilities; a new propane service was provided. The entire building is protected with a renovated wet-pipe sprinkler system to meet the new building requirements.

Electric service is provided to the building by a utility-owned, pad-mounted transformer. The entire building is connected to a diesel standby generator system with an automatic transfer switch in the event of a power failure. PDG provided energy-efficient, compact fluorescent LED and fluorescent troffers, utilizing electronic ballasts and energy saving lamps. Convenience outlets, data, and telephone jacks were installed throughout the building. An automatic and manual addressable fire alarm system consisting of smoke and heat detection devices and horn/strobe indicating devices was added, along with a building-wide nurse call and rescue assistance system. 

All building systems were provided in compliance with the 2010 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Residential Health, Care, and Support Facilities, as required by NYS Article 28 Public Health Law.  In addition, 10 NYCRR Part 711 and 713, ADA, and NFPA 101 governed the design.  

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