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Erie County Large Culvert and Pedestrian Bridge Inspections 


Location: Erie County, NY

Owner: Erie County Department of Public Works 

Services Provided: 

Bridge Inspection

PDG was responsible for the project management, coordination, field inspection and quality control of 205 county-owned large culverts and nine county-owned pedestrian bridges.  The inspections were performed following the 2014 NYSDOT Bridge Inspection Manual and the NYSDOT 1-9 rating system.  General Recommendations and Conditions Ratings were provided for every structure.

Project Management and Coordination Tasks included, but were not limited to: scheduling and performing inspections within specified windows, oversight of inspection teams, quality control for all inspection reports, and office processing and delivery of reports.  Despite the inspection contract being finalized four months later than anticipated, PDG was able to mobilize and coordinate sufficient staff to complete all inspections scheduled for 2019 on time.

Field Inspections: 110 large culverts were inspected in 2019 with 95 large culverts and nine pedestrian bridges inspected in 2020. All inspections reports, structural flags, and safety flags were prepared utilizing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  Culvert construction types include cast-in place concrete, precast concrete arches and boxes, and corrugated steel and aluminum pipes and arches.

Quality Control:  All inspection reports and flags were quality control reviewed utilizing NYSDOT checklists and additional internal checklists developed by PDG.  Flags, flag removals and submission were tracked to ensure timely submissions and proper deadlines were met.

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