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Huffer Road Spot Safety Improvement Project


Location: Parma, NY

Owner: Monroe County

Services Provided: 

Highway Design


Construction Inspection 

The project objective was to improve safety at a 90 degree curve in a rural location that had been the site of multiple fatal accidents. Popli Design Group (PDG) conducted an accident analysis to identify predominant accident types and causes, and evaluated numerous potential countermeasures. Potential countermeasures were evaluated using the Crash Modification Factor (CMF) to rate their expected effectiveness, based on empirical data from similar locations where those countermeasures were implemented. Practical and cost/benefit considerations were also evaluated to develop a final listing of improvements for the project. PDG implemented a combination of geometric improvements, elimination of roadside hazards, and improved signage to improve the safety of the curve. One of the primary safety benefits of the project was realized through working with the private utility companies to relocate a section of overhead utilities to underground duct banks, which allowed for the elimination of a hazardous utility pole on the outside of the curve.

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