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Lake Road Improvements, Phase I - Pellett Road to NYS Route 250


Location: Webster, NY

Owner: Monroe County

Services Provided: 

Highway Design


Construction Inspection

ake Road is a two lane urban collector road with an AADT of 1,400 to 1,900 vehicles per day. The 2.2 mile segment comprising the project area has experienced pavement surface deterioration in recent years. Maintenance treatments have provided only temporary relief, so a more durable rehabilitation treatment is needed to provide a long-lasting improvement to the riding surface and extend the life of the pavement. The existing 2-3 foot wide shoulders are inadequate to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles. Three cross-culverts within the project limits are severely deteriorated and need to be replaced. Drainage problems, including erosion of roadside embankments and ponding in front yards, are evident throughout.

The project rehabilitated the 2.2 mile segment, which included a deep mill and pave treatment with full depth shoulder reconstruction and widening, three drainage culvert replacements, new closed drainage system, and repairs to a major culvert spanning Mill Creek. During design, our environmental screening revealed historic artifacts requiring a Phase IIa investigation. PDG successfully navigated the process to keep the project on schedule.

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