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Mill Road Improvements - Phase II

Typical New Sidewalk Tie-In to Existing.

Location: Greece, NY

Owner: Monroe County

Services Provided: 

Highway Design


Construction Inspection

Mill Road is an urban minor arterial road with an existing AADT of 3,700-5,600 vehicles per day. The 1.56 mile section of Mill Road comprising this project exhibited severe pavement degradation and poor rideability. Shoulder widths were typically only 1-2 feet throughout the project, and the existing roadside drainage system, consisting primarily of shallow ditches, was inadequate and contributed to the deterioration of the pavement. Sidewalks were sporadic and discontinuous throughout the project area, having been installed as part of various subdivision projects along side streets. Three concrete box culverts, dating from the early 1900s, also existed within the project where Mill Road crossed Smith Creek and its tributaries. The project scope included:


  • Reconstructing a majority of the roadway

  • Installing new 4 foot wide paved shoulders and concrete gutters throughout the full length of the project

  • New storm sewers and stormwater management facilities

  • Replacing two of the three culverts within the project limits and extending the third

  • Installing new sidewalk to provide continuous sidewalk on both sides

  • Replacement of approximately 6,700 linear feet of 8 inch water main, with approximately 5,000 linear feet of that being upgraded to 16 inch main

  • Installing a new left turn lane at the Manitou Road intersection

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