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NE Group 1 Preventive Maintenance 


Location: Rochester, NY

Owner: City of Rochester

Services Provided: 

Highway Design

HD Laser Scanning

This locally administered federal aid project rehabilitated approximately 5,700 linear feet of Upper Falls Boulevard and St. Paul Boulevard. Mainline pavement within the project limits was rehabilitated with a single-course mill and overlay. A two-course mill and overlay was completed at three of the projects major intersections to address wheelpath rutting. All sidewalk ramps within the project limits were evaluated for ADA compliance utilizing our 3D laser scanner to provide highly-detailed mapping and have been redesigned to current standards, where possible. 

Other improvements included spot base, curb, and sidewalk repairs, replacement of signs and traffic signal loop detectors, repairs to catch basins and manholes, and a new striping road diet to provide dedicated bike lanes along Upper Falls Boulevard and St. Paul Boulevard.

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