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Niagara Power Project Biennial Bridge Inspection


Location: Niagara County

Owner: New York Power Authority 

Services Provided: 

Bridge Inspection

Popli Design Group (PDG), as Sub Consultant, was responsible for the field inspection, AASHTO Quantities, and biennial bridge inspection report for BIN 1036290; NYS Rte. 104 over Robert Moses Niagara Power Project (RMNPP). Assistance was also provided for BIN’s 1068261/2; Robert Moses State Parkway (RMSP) NB and SB over RMNPP.

The RMNPP is located at the end of the open forebay on the face of the lower Niagara River gorge and utilizes the 300 foot head between the forebay and the lower Niagara River to generate power. Each bridge is made up of longitudinal precast, post-tensioned concrete “I” girders. The girders span over the 13 power plant intake/penstock blocks.

  • BIN 1036290; 34-span 1,774 ft. Longitudinal Precast Post-tensioned Concrete “I” Girders

  • BIN’s 1068261/2; Twin 39-span 1,933 ft. Longitudinal Precast Post-tensioned Concrete “I” Girders

The inspection reports included superstructure deterioration documentation plans for all spans and crack documentation elevations for girders with notable cracking and deterioration. Crack documentation tables, plans and elevations were all updated as part of the inspection.

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