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North Wayne Street Bridge Replacement 

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Location: Phelps, NY

Owner: Ontario County

Services Provided: 

Bridge Design

Highway Design


Construction Inspection


2011 ABCD Award under $2M Category

The project involved hydraulic conditions at the bridge and provided a new structure that conforms to current structural and geometric design standards.  PDG performed a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for the bridge site. The analysis was critical because of the large drainage area of Canandaigua Outlet; reported ice jams at the bridge; a confluence with another sizable creek just upstream of the bridge opening; and a waste water treatment plant adjacent to the site protected by a berm for flooding. The analysis led to a bridge design that eliminated the pier to reduce scour and ice jams; raised the profile of the bridge to increase the freeboard; and maintained the low point in the roadway to act as a flood relief to eliminate flooding to the waste water treatment plant. The existing two span multi-girder bridge was replaced with a single span 130 foot steel multi-girder bridge on a new alignment. The 28 foot wide single span bridge is more hydraulically efficient than the existing two span bridge. The vertical alignment of North Wayne Street was raised approximately 2.5 feet to maintain the existing freeboard at a minimum. Replacing the bridge on new horizontal and vertical alignments allowed for the elimination of non-standard curves on White Road west of its intersection with North Wayne Street. Associated work included a new 2,750 foot roadway and guide rail.

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