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Pinnacle Road Rehabilitation 

Pinnacle Rd Rush NY_17.jpg

Location: Rush, NY

Owner: Monroe County

Services Provided: 

Highway Design


Construction Inspection 

Pinnacle Road is a rural minor arterial road with an AADT of approximately 800 vehicles per day. The 1.73-mile segment of Pinnacle Road comprising the project area exhibited a consistent pattern of pavement ravelling and wheelpath cracking. The roadway section consisted of two 11-foot lanes with no paved shoulders in most areas. A series of horizontal and vertical curves at the southern end of the project featured geometric deficiencies including nonstandard curve radii, superelevation, and sight distance. The project scope included:

  • Rehabilitating the mainline roadway pavement

  • Installing new 5 foot wide paved shoulders throughout the full length of the project

  • Installing new storm sewers (combination closed and open system)

  • Correcting geometric deficiencies

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