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Principal Arterial Mill and Pave, Various Streets 


Location: Syracuse, NY

Owner: City of Syracuse

Services Provided: 

Construction Inspection

This project involved the milling and repaving of existing asphalt street surfaces with areas of full-depth repair, curb replacement or reset, sidewalk curb ramp replacement, drainage structure repair and replacement, adjustment of grates and covers to finish grade, traffic signal detector loop replacement, sign replacement, and ADA compliance. Striping improvements to enhance bicycle mobility and pedestrian safety were also executed. The project covered approximately 7.3 miles of the following existing streets in the City of Syracuse, which were rehabilitated: Erie Boulevard East from Montgomery Street to Almond Street, East Genesee Street from East Avenue to Meadowbrook Drive, and South Salina Street from East and West Brighton Avenue to Martin Luther King East and West. Popli Design Group, as the Prime Resident Engineering consultant, provided the Resident Engineer, Office Engineer, and Senior Inspector. The project was completed on time and within budget. 

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