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Pulteney Street Reconstruction 


Location: Geneva, NY

Owner: City of Geneva

Services Provided: 

Construction Inspection

Popli Design Group (PDG) performed construction inspection of all fieldwork on this locally funded, $2.3 million pavement reconstruction project located on the major thoroughfare for Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY.  In addition to the complete reconstruction of the roadway, the project involves the installation of a new 20-inch water main, hydrants, valves and services, new storm sewers and catch basins, CIPP sanitary sewers, manholes, and service laterals. The project also included sidewalks, decorative curbing, crosswalks, bike path, and ADA compliant ramps. Coordination with residents for water shutoffs was also required as needed for new connection. PDG’s Project Engineer ensured coordination with the colleges’ other construction activities, and maintained the site’s WZTC to protect the numerous pedestrians and vehicle traffic on campus.

The project complexity was enhanced by the other, adjacent, ongoing construction at the Colleges, being completed concurrently with the City’s project. This construction included fiber installation as well as additional sidewalk and parking lot paving that the Colleges contracted with their prime contractor. PDG’s Project Engineer ensured that the costs between the colleges’ work and the city’s were properly segmented and accounted for. This was a challenge considering the colleges’ prime contractor bid was $600,000 lower than the second low bid on the project and tried to pursue numerous change orders. PDG’s Project Engineer successfully limited the change orders to $75,000 or 3.3% of the $2.3 million initial contract amount.

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