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Rochester City School District - Dr. Charles T. Lunsford School No. 19


Location: Rochester, NY

Owner: Rochester City School District

Services Provided:



Civil/Site Engineering 



RCSD School 19 is a large elementary and middle school built in the 1960s, featuring the typical “clusters” layout of the period which does not work well for modern instruction practices. 2013-2014 and 2017-2018 Capital Improvements Projects focused on completely reworking the interior layout to support individual classrooms as well as replacing the envelope to add windows, and providing a building entrance addition to welcome students and visitors to the campus. Project scope designed by Popli Design Group (PDG) included:

  • Providing a 1,200 square foot addition to create a grand entrance foyer to improve security and create an aesthetic point of entry.

  • Reconstruction of the adjacent site in the form of new concrete stairs, ramp, and sidewalks provides required accessibility.

  • Design of a phenolic panel rainscreen system with aluminum unit windows to replace an aging concrete panel facade.

  • Renovating two floors of Clusters C and F as part of a larger master plan to update the existing facility

    • ​Provide five classrooms

    • Provide two music rooms with support storage spaces 

    • Provide one science room with support space

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