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Rochester City School District - East High School


Location: Rochester, NY

Owner: Rochester City School District

Services Provided:


Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Engineering

Built in the 1960s and approximately 300,000 square feet, East High School is undergoing a major gut rehabilitation. Building systems are out of date and need replacement throughout the facility.  Popli Design Group (PDG) was retained to provide HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical engineering services to support the renovations being completed at this school.

HVAC engineering involved revamping all HVAC systems for existing classroom wings and new spaces throughout the school.  In the classroom wings, the dual duct system was converted to a VAV system, while existing dual duct air handling units were utilized.  New, larger heating and cooling coils were provided, and supply ductwork systems were modified to supply a hybrid VAV system in the classroom spaces.  Ventilation rates were increased throughout the school in areas receiving upgrades.  Two existing cast iron sectional steam boilers were replaced with four smaller boilers.  In addition, a new boiler feed tank and pumps were provided to serve the new and remaining existing boilers.  New air handlers were added to previously unconditioned portions of the building.  In the gymnasium, air handlers were replaced and a dedicated chiller was added.

Plumbing scope for this project included the design of new bathrooms with updated fixtures, including low flow faucets and flush valves.  All new scullery sinks were installed in the art classrooms.  To protect the piping from paint, etc., a solids interceptor was installed in lieu of a trap under the sink.  In the science rooms, new lab tables with water, gas, and neutralization tank were installed.  A dental suite with dental chairs were also part of this project, each of which has water, compressed air, and vacuum connection to them.   

PDG’s electrical team was responsible for the complete redesign of the school’s power distribution system, including a new electrical service into the building, and generators to support an entirely new emergency and standby power system.  Our engineers also designed a new lighting system as well as a completely new addressable fire alarm system, which utilizes voice notification devices.

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