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Rochester City School District Flower City School No. 54


Location: Rochester, NY

Owner: Rochester City School District

Services Provided:



The Capital Improvement Projects focused on the major renovation of the school’s main office interior layout, finishes, and entrance vestibule. The project was necessary to provide a secure entrance vestibule at the main entrance to direct visitors into the main office and to the front desk before entering the school. The attached principal’s office was also renovated and a small in-suite bathroom was added.

Accompanying these interior renovations, Popli Design Group (PDG) designed a new façade treatment and exterior signage system at the school’s main entrance. Renovations included masonry and entrance canopy repairs, a rail-applied panel façade, and metal signage logos and lettering. Other areas addressed include:


  • Renovations to existing kindergarten classrooms

  • Alterations to construct one additional kindergarten classroom

  • Improvements to the main entrance

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