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Greater Rochester International Airport Main Terminal Renovations


Location: Rochester, NY

Owner: Greater Rochester International Airport

Services Provided: 

Fire Protection Engineering


The Greater Rochester International Airport underwent renovations to the main terminal, specifically improvements to security access and ease of movement to the terminals. Popli Design Group (PDG) provided fire protection engineering to support the planned renovations. In addition to the renovations to the main security entry and modifications to the circular ramp sections on either side of the terminal, a new exterior skin “saw tooth” design was provided. The project took place over five stages:


  • Stage 1: Program and Concept Development: Site Investigation of Existing Conditions

  • Stage 2: Modifications to Create a Temporary Security Checkpoint

  • Stage 3: Main Terminal Expansion and Rehabilitation

  • Stage 4: Concourse East/West Rotundas

  • Stage 5: Concourse East/West and Furniture

PDG conducted a field investigation to document existing conditions, met with facilities staff to understand the limitations of the existing system, and collected hydraulic and fire pump test data pertinent to design. PDG reconfigured the existing fire sprinkler system to accommodate the new multi-level ceiling system and the floor opening for the new exit stair and escalator. New sprinkler zones were created and hydraulic calculations were performed to ensure adequate water flow should a fire occur. PDG also performed field observation of the sprinkler work and electrical systems during construction.

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