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Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center 1.5T MRI Replacement 


Location: Buffalo, NY

Owner: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Services Provided:


Structural Engineering 

At over 20 years old, the existing 1.5T MRI scanner was functionally obsolete and needed to be replaced. To facilitate removal of the existing MRI scanner and installation of the new unit on the hospital’s 2nd floor, Popli Design Group (PDG) worked with the architect and owner to develop a defined rigging and installation plan that would minimize out-of-service time and disruption to surrounding hospital operations. The plan included removal and replacement of the existing interior shielding panels and exterior masonry wall assembly that allowed for a straight-line path to install the 12,000-pound magnet.

As part of our services, PDG performed a detailed structural analysis of the existing concrete floor slab and steel framing along the rigging path to confirm structural adequacy and acceptable serviceability (deflections). Construction drawings delineated the path, including maximum permissible deviations, and requirements for the removal and reconstruction of the shielding panels and exterior wall assembly. We also designed and detailed a replacement floor slab accounting for the smaller unit dimensions.

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