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RTS College Town Bus Shelters 

College Town Bus Shelter.jpg

Location: Rochester, NY

Owner: Regional Transit Service (RTS)

Services Provided: 

Construction Inspection

PDG provided construction inspection services for the project that involved the construction of six high-tech bus shelters serving the University of Rochester Medical Center, the University, and its College Town development. 

In addition to lighting and heated sidewalks, each shelter has an enclosed digital sign displaying route information, bicycle parking, and video surveillance. The shelters also provide riders with the ability to access the University’s blue light security system in the event of an emergency.

The construction involved providing utilities including electric and fiber to the shelters. Utility coordination, vehicle traffic, and protection and accommodation of pedestrians was also provided.

The University and its medical center represent the region’s largest employer, making this area one of the busiest served by Rochester Transit Service buses. Eight bus routes travel through the area, and it is one of the largest transfer spots for RTS passengers outside of the Downtown Transit Center.

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