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Syracuse City School District - Huntington Elementary School


Location: Syracuse, NY

Owner: Syracuse Joint Schools Construction Board

Services Provided:


Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Engineering

The Huntington School has two main wings. The original North wing was constructed in 1930 and the South wing was added in 1983.  Project scope includes: masonry restoration of the envelope; roof, window, and entrance door replacement; interior renovations to the toilet rooms; interior accessibility; site work; and HVAC upgrades. PDG provided full MEP services: HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical engineering.

The HVAC scope of work includes upgraded toilet and locker room ventilation systems and terminal heating equipment. The existing rooftop exhaust fans have exceeded their useful life and will be replaced with dedicated heat recovery systems as necessary to meet the NYS energy and mechanical codes. Cast-iron radiators will be replaced with sloped-top convectors to reduce the risk of student injury. Heat pumps and the cooling tower serving the south wing are being replaced and relocated to correct capacity issues and address Legionella concerns. The existing air handling unit serving the natatorium is being replaced with a dehumidification-style unit utilizing heat pipe technology. The existing electro/pneumatic building controls are being replaced with a full digital building management system.

The plumbing scope of work includes upgrading toilet room fixtures, replacement pool deck drainage, and new piping materials. Toilet room fixtures and finishes are original vintage; replacement fixtures will be selected with the idea of water conservation, maintenance, and hands free operation.  Accessible fixtures are provided to meet ADA guidelines. Type L copper tubing with lead-free soldered joints replaced the existing galvanized steel domestic water piping. The cast-iron pool deck drainage system is being replaced with corrosion resistant PVC schedule 40 piping.

Electrical scope of work involves power distribution, lighting, security, and fire alarm modifications. Selected areas being upgraded are being provided with upgraded interior and site lighting and lighting controls, power distribution and convenience power, as well as interior and site security systems. New interior and exterior luminaries will utilize LED technology with emergency driver/ballast.

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