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Sign Structure & Panel Replacements at Various Highway Locations


Location: New York, NY


Services Provided: 

Construction Inspection

Popli Design Group was the Prime consultant for this project that involved the erection of 25 sign structures along the Bronx River Parkway  (907H), Cross  Bronx  Expressway  (I-95),  Bruckner  Blvd  in  Bronx  County, and Grand Central Parkway (907M) in Queens County. This included ten (10) steel-trussed arm cantilever structures, five (5) overhead steel span quad-chord structures with new concrete foundations and sign panels, and the removal of corresponding existing structures. Ten (10) new ground-mounted signs with concrete foundations will also be constructed, as well as approximately 1000 feet of beam guide railing.

The project takes place along very high-traffic-volume roadways with significant construction activity taking place at night, requiring WZTC measures to protect the traveling public and construction staff. Erection of heavy sign structure framing and overhead sign panels requires staging and careful spot and crane capacity selection.

Inspection  staff  ensured  proper  crane  certification,  wind  speeds  limitation, and  the  presence  of  any  overhead  electrical  wires  or  structures.  Required  inspector certifications included ACI and NETTCP Soil for sign foundations, and structural steel/bolting for torque measurements on sign structure connections.

The project also included landscaping elements such as tree pruning and planting, tree guards, and other elements important to the quality of life of the communities served by the project.

Coordination with Parks, NYCDOT agencies was also required. 

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