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SUNY Cortland Fay Corey Union Ground Floor Renovation 


Location: Cortland, NY

Owner: SUNY Cortland

Services Provided: 



Mechanical Engineering

Plumbing Engineering

Fire Protection 

Built in 1971, Fay Corey Union serves as the main student union, where the Auxiliary Service Corporation (ASC) operates a variety of food service options for students.  In order to keep abreast of current campus dining trends, renovations were required to support the multi-functional needs of student activities along with flexible food service operations.  Popli Design Group (PDG) provided civil/site, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering for these new food venues and student spaces.

PDG’s civil/site scope included utility connection and site restoration required for a new fire service.  Fire protection engineering included the new fire service, backflow prevention, and a new 60 HP fire pump system sized to serve the entire building.  A full hydraulic analysis was provided along with the design for a fully concealed wet pipe sprinkler system throughout renovated portions of the building. 

Mechanical engineering services included a full building cooling load analysis to analyze equipment cycling issues as well as to properly size the chiller.  Two air cooled chillers were provided on the roof of the building, along with new pumping systems and distribution piping.  A design for the replacement of the existing building automation system was also prepared; an open and non-proprietary BACnet control system was implemented to meet campus standardization efforts. 

Plumbing scope included complete rehabilitation of the commercial kitchen and dining areas throughout two phases.  Design included fixtures, domestic water, waste, vent and natural gas piping, grease interceptors, as well as utilities for all kitchen equipment.  Close coordination with the kitchen consultant was vital to ensure all requirements were met.  Toilet room renovations included low flow fixtures as well as new piping infrastructure.

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