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SUNY Oneonta New Welcome Center


Location: Oneonta, NY

Owner: SUNY Oneonta

Services Provided:



Fire Protection


Popli Design Group (PDG) provided fire protection, plumbing, and commissioning services for the 11,750 square foot SUNY Oneonta Welcome Center.

A wet-pipe fire protection sprinkler system was engineered based on a light hazard design.  Full hydraulic calculations were performed to size sprinkler piping. Protecting the 27 foot tall, open glass lobby was part of this effort. The 6 inch fire service was supplied through a DCV backflow device.

The domestic water service was supplied through two 2.5 inch reduced pressure zone backflow devices. Plumbing work included bathrooms with water saving (Water Sense Listed) plumbing fixtures for all water closets, urinals, and lavatories. Each bathroom is served by a single control valve to provide tempered water for all the fixtures in the bathroom. Stainless steel under mount sinks were added in the coffee area and the staff room. For safety within the mechanical room, combination emergency eye and face wash and drench showers were provided, including required automatic water temperature control valves to provide tempered water at each emergency fixture. A high-efficiency, condensing, instantaneous, domestic water heater was provided to meet hot water loads for the building.

Included in the commissioning scope were HVAC, lighting, and service-water heating systems.  Commissioning services included pre-functional commissioning, functional performance testing, issues log, and post occupancy review.  The commissioning process and results were assembled in a final commissioning report, which was presented to the client.

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