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University at Buffalo Center for the Arts 

Location: Buffalo, NY

Owner: University at Buffalo

Services Provided: 




Architectural/Roof Design

The Center for the Arts (CFA) building at The University of Buffalo North Campus was completed in 1994 and houses the campus’s three main theatres, media rooms, video production, sound studios, art galleries, and dance studios. An atrium with a continuous skylight connects the Center’s two buildings together. A structural study was performed on the building, indicating that repairs were needed.  

The CFA building required rehabilitation of the exterior envelope and structure. Popli Design Group (PDG) performed site survey, base drawings for conditions assessment, lighting and lighting protection design, reroof design, and snowmelt system design. The scope of work replaced of the center skylight, north exterior stair, building roof system, lightening arrestor, sundry plaza deck waterproofing, and masonry and repaired the metal panel facade.

The lighting component added energy efficient, color changing LED light fixtures to highlight a 30’ by 370” atrium skylight. Theatrical quality controls were designed to allow for an array of colorful lighting effects. The color of each of the 78, 4-inch-long fixtures can be controlled either individually or together at 1’ increments. The lights can be viewed from both inside and outside the atrium, creating a dramatic campus focal point.  Supplemental LED track light fixtures were included for general purpose lighting, such as highlighting art installations within the atrium. Energy-saving LED light fixtures were also installed in the exterior entrances and stairs.

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